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Rampage 2018

RampagePrimatology Davis Okyoy maintains a clever, silver wise albinos called “George” since his birth. However, genetic experiments transformed the gentle George into a beautiful creature. Wolves and crocodiles also have the same changes. Since these three beings are constantly trapped in the North of America and are struggling with each other for supernatural, Okoye competes with time with an incredible genetic engineer to get rid of us and save George.

Language: LanguageEnglish

Subtitles: Na

Classification: NO

Date of announcement: April 12, 2018

Genre: Action / Adventure / Fiction Science

Appropriate: Not available

Distributor: Warner Bros. Photos

Actor: Duane Johnson, Naomi Harris, Malin Ackerman, Joe Manganiola, Jake Litch

Director: Brad Paton

Format: 2D

Davis Ojoyi and he loves battlefields against monsters in a big city. Davis Ojo’s topology shared a connection with George, a very intelligent gorilla that had been taken care of since his birth.But experiments of genetic fraud exitToplessly transforms a lightweight layer into a beautiful monster. As the newly created monster demolishes all North America, destroys everything on the journey, a team of amazing Okoye genetic engineers to ensure gwrthdotefnydd, fought through ever-changing battlefields, not only to prevent the world’s catastrophes, but to save fears that once his friend .

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