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Multi Skype Launcher

Skipe Multi Launcher allows you to connect to the Skipe account multiple times.

An easy way to use more Skype specs

By rule, you can not run more than one Skipe case, but Multi Skipe Launcher allows you to open multiple accounts instantly.For example, you may want to connect your personal account and business account simultaneously, which you can do with the Multi-Skip Driver.

Of course, if you do, you must have more than one webcam and microphone for every case you open.Note that Skipe Multi Launcher does not alter any cross-file – simply simple usage behavior and can be easily removed by deleting as other programs.

Easy to set

Using Skipping Multi Launcher, you must set it.The first step is to add a number of accounts using the Add button. Contact them, select it, and then click Run. Skipping Multi Ski Launcher will link as many commands as you have added at the same time.

Powerful and easy to use

MultiSkipe Laptop is a simple and effective way for anyone who needs two Skype commands.

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