Shining Light Baptist Church – Tucson, AZ

What We Have: Our Ministries

Shining Light Baptist Church has a host of ministries, both active and planned, to help with the individual aspects of your Christian life. Listed here are examples of some of the programs and activities our members enjoy.

Adult Ministries We have various ministries for our adults to get involved. God has given you unique gifts, talents and abilities and Shining Light Baptist Church can provide you the place to attain your full potential in Christ’s service.

Church Activities We enjoy starting out the new year with a Watch Night Service with several laymen preaching in the new year. We enjoy Sweetheart Banquets, regular fellowships, minature golf, horseback riding, bowling and many other events.

Men’s Ministries Our men have weekly devotional and prayer times, workdays and outings througout the year. We also believe our men should be leaders and given the opportunity to excel in leadership capacities. Men’s outings have included Arizona sports tems and fellowhips.

Ladies’ Ministries Our ladies enjoy monthly fellowhips and teaching, baby showers, annual white elephant parties, mother and daughter banquets and other exciting fellowships throughout the year.

Youth Activities We are a growing church with great vision for our youth. We have youth camps and youth fellowships and we are looking forward to our first Vacation Bible School.

Singles Fellowships We have a great deal of singles for a small church. We have singles fellowships and we look forward to expanding this ministry.

Special Speakers We support missionaries and keep well aquainted with hearing them speak regularly. We also have local Pastors from time to time and our ladies enjoy area Pastor’s wives as speakers.

Special Music We believe in Christ honoring music. We love having special music that lifts up Jesus and encourages the heart to seek God. We have vocal and instrumental music specials that ministers to the hearts of every age.

Revival Meetings We strive to have Fall and Spring revival speakers annually. We also will get a surprise evangelist or missionary to stop by on occassion. We love preaching!

Marriage Seminars We have attended marriage seminars in the area and also hosted them as well. Our church is comprised of families that must have strong marital vows.

Retreats Our ladies have attended local retreats, Phoenix retreats as well as out of state retreats. We also have opportunities for couples to attend retreats and we look forward to expanding our activities.

Excellent Nursery Our nursery is attended by our membership and they look forward to making your infant, toddler or child have a fun, educational, memorable and comfortable experience during thier stay.

Instructional Sunday School Our Sunday School program is designed to help all ages learn what the Bible means and why it is important for life. We encourage weekly and monthly scripture memorization as well as student participation.

Applicable Preaching We endeavour to expound on the Word of God form Genesis to the Revelation revealing how God has preserved His Word to not only show us the way of salvation, but also how to live daily as children of God.

Practical Bible Emphasis Our Biblical teaching is presented in simplicity, allowing its application immediately following each service.